Reference sheet for each Player Character’s Background.

Each Scenario provides the options so that you may create your character based on the Background you have chosen. In this section you are able to download the Character Sheet necessary to record your Background choices and some other things that may arise during gameplay.The file comes in PDF format so you will need a file reader that can open that format.

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Necessary sheets to create Scenarios and their Communities in the game.

In Leyenda you can create four different types of Scenarios. Here we provide you with the sheets for each of them and also to create the Community, essential to the game. Each file comes in PDF format so you will need a file reader that can open that format.

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Here you will find a rules’ summary that you may need during the game.

In this PDF we have compiled all the significant rules for Leyenda, among other references you may need during play for easy access. They are presented in card format for quick referencing during a game and include the pages where you will find said rule in the book.

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If you want to play Leyenda and don’t have the book yet, this guide will get you started.

This is the Quickstart Guide for Leyenda. In it you will find everything you need to get your first feel of how the game system works. Their basic rules and a short Scenario will let you play your first Leyenda game even before you have your book. We want you to know the game and get as excited as we are.

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Stickers with every face the Legendary Die has so you may print.

Here you will find the Legendary Die in sticker format. This way you may always have access to one without needing a physical piece. With this file you may print the faces of the Legendary Die and stick them on any twelve-sided die. The file format is AI (Adobe Illustrator), which the printing houses usually ask for.

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